Walking along the Thames, you can go from one end of London to the other in about an hour or so (if you don’t stop to look around… but I highly recommend that you do!)

One sunny, lazy weekend morning, I decided to start my day with an eccles cake from St. John’s bakery, on Druid Street close to Tower Bridge.  I hear their donuts are to die for as well, but an eccles cake is a little more special to London.  After wandering to Bermondsey for Kappacasein for the world’s best grilled cheese, which I couldn’t even find sadly (but they’re back at Borough Market now so next time I’m in London I can find them!), I decided that it was best to get my day going instead.

St. John’s Bakery

Eccles Cake

Many people think that Tower Bridge is actually London Bridge.  However, London Bridge is nondescript while Tower Bridge is beautiful, tall, and colorful.

Tower Bridge

On one end of Tower Bridge is the Tower of London, which houses the crown jewels.  And it’s also really close to Brick Lane and the East End.  However, I was walking along the other side of the Thames on this particular day.  You’ll eventually reach Tate Modern, Britain’s premier modern art museum.  If you cross the Millennium Bridge, you’ll reach St. Paul’s Cathedral, where Princess Diana and Prince Charles were married.

St. Paul’s Cathedral and Millennium Bridge
Tate Modern

 Keep walking along the Thames and you’ll reach South Bank London, home to the National Theatre, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Royal Festival Hall, Gabriel’s Wharf, Oxo Tower Wharf, and of course, the famous London Eye.

Fesitvals along the South Bank
View from Jubilee Bridge

Oh London, London.  One of my favorite cities that’s for sure.