Recently, a few friends have mentioned me blogging so I decided to try to take it up again.  Hopefully the next several (or many actually) will be me catching up on my travels over the last six months or so… I’ll finish up London, Paris, and San Francisco (yes, I went again) and also sneak in a few Seattle restaurants in there as well.

Earlier this week, before Snowmaggedon/Snowpocalypse/SnOMG hit, we lunched to Matt’s in the Market, a small, yet well-known gem, above Pike’s Place Market.  I have no idea why I hadn’t tried Matt’s until now.  The location is prime, the setting softly romantic, and the food just as delicious.

Stumptown Coffee BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

Stumptown is one of my favorite coffees (and it’s from Portland too!) and so I just had to try this sandwich.  I also hear the lamb burger is to die for, so that will be the next sandwich on my list when I go back.  The pulled pork was just the right amount of salty, and the cabbage slaw added a nice coolness to it.

Crab and Cod Chowder

Not too heavy or too oily like most chowders, and with large chunks of cod and crab, this was probably the favorite on the table.  Especially on a cold, Seattle day, the chowder definitely warmed our tummies.

Crab and Arugula Salad

The meaty chunks of crab and the creamy avocado made this salad.  I loved the crispness and cleanness after the other heavier dishes.

Matt’s in the Market is a definite Seattle staple.  With such fresh seafood, produce, and bakeries nearby, it’s no wonder that the food is just as fresh and wonderful.  Next time though, I’m bringing a boy along with me to soak up all the romantics the place has to offer 😉