So I officially fail at updating. I’m not even halfway through all my London posts! And then there’s Paris! And then all this Seattle stuff! Aaah. Update fail. I think I might just do a few major posts about London and Paris, although that would never do it justice.

But for now, I will do this. Because I don’t know where I’ll be in five months, I’m assuming I have five months in Seattle left. And because I love food so much, I needed to make a food list of places I want/need to eat at before this deadline. But seeing how my list grows at an infinite rate, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to finish it all!

Recommendations are more than welcome!
1. Bakery Nouveau – especially after Paris, I’m in constant need of patisseries and bakeries.  And croissants and pain au chocolats and tarte tartins and macarons and anything French.

2. Hiroki – Japanese desserts.  Desserts, enough said.

3. Paseo’s – I know.  How have I NOT been here yet?

4. Serious Pie, Lola, Dahlia Lounge, Palace Kitchen – Tom Douglas is genius.  And Seattle’s celebrity chef.  And his donuts are supposedly to die for.  (Even Giada says so… and I believe everything Giada says)

5. Canlis – Consistently voted one of Seattle’s best, most romantic restaurants.  However, since I don’t have a romantic interest, it makes these romantic dates hardly likely.  Sad.

6. La Carta de Oaxaca – They opened a sister restaurant in Queen Anne!  Fish tacos are said to be heavenly.

7. Maneki – Homestyle Japanese restaurant in the ID.  Too bad I never travel down there…

8. Matt’s in the Market – Seattle seafood staple.

9. Revel – Fusion Korean food that has been on the Food Network!  Same owners as Joule, not that I’ve been to Joule either, but both come with high praises.

10. Sushi Kappo Tamura – Note to self, make reservations.  The one time I wanted to go eat there, they were booked till like 10pm.

11. Veraci Pizza – Supposedly some of the best wood fire oven pizzas around.

12. How to Cook a Wolf – Again, another Seattle staple.

13. Spinasse – Seattle’s best Italian.

14. Spur Gastropub

15. Quinn’s Pub

16. Book Bindery

17. The Walrus and the Carpenter – Good bar with good drinks.  AND THERE’S A DRINK WITH PIMM’S! ❤ (if you go to London, and you’re a girl, you have to order Pimm’s at a pub.  It is simply divine)

18. Pai’s – Food truck serving Thai/Hawaiian fusion.

19. Red Mill – Yes, I have yet to go to Red Mill.  So sue me.

20. Skillet Diner – Originally a food truck, Skillet now has it’s own diner.  Now I don’t have to go chasing after a truck!

Okay, I wanted to make it an even 20 (even though this list could go on forever.  And I’m surprised at myself that there isn’t more dessert on there… Hm that may be a problem.  Haha.

I’ll let you know how I do conquering all the food in Seattle! (at the rate I’m going, I’m going to FAIL miserably…)