One of the highlights of London is Borough Market, a glorious food market found near London Bridge every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  I swear I went every week I was in London, because I couldn’t stay away!  The amount and variety of food here is beyond anything I could ever imagine, and every time, I had a hard time deciding what to eat!  It is the place for the best food crawl, and next time I’m in London, I will do just that!

Saturdays are the busiest, with crowded aisles and loads of samples from every stall.  It is a great place just to people watch, but with so much food around you, it’d be hard to say no to food.

Borough Market Map

From the various food stands, I knew I needed to try the Brindisa chorizo sandwiches.  I thought they might have been overhyped after reading various Chowhound boards and blog posts about how this was one of the best, if not THE best sandwich in London.  But after my first bite, I knew why it had gained such recognition.  It seriously is one of the best sandwiches I have ever eaten in my entire life.  My mouth is watering even at the thought of it!

Brindisa Chorizo Sandiwch
Blueberry Cheesecake

The next time I went back, I had the baguette sandwiches from this stand with a really long line.  The meats all sound delicious, but I chose the chicken (go figure) and they place it inside a baguette along with a little slaw and lettuce.  Then they have a variety of sauces from you to choose from and you can put any combination and however much you want on your sandwich before digging in.  It is sooooo good (but not as good as the chorizo) and is almost impossible to fit the thing in your mouth (unless you have a big mouth like me).  Definitely super filling so be ready to eat this and save some room for dessert after (if you can!)

Baguette Sandwich Line
Chicken Sandwich

With very little room left in my stomach, I needed dessert.  And so we had some goat’s milk ice cream at Greedy Goat, where they had a honeycomb flavor!  Oh how I wish we had honeycomb here!  Everyone in my program knows how much I love honeycomb and toffee.  I obsessed over both so much!

The best cheesecake I’ve eaten is also found at Borough.  Man, Borough is just a food lover’s heaven.  Ion Patisserie has a large variety of cheesecakes, and although their intense flavors, such as tiramisu and toffee pecan are merely okay, their regular and fruit cheesecakes are superb.  I had the raspberry cheesecake and it was divine!

Cheesecake Galore
Raspberry Cheesecake

My last and final trip to Borough Market, I had to try something new even though I wanted the chorizo sandwich.  The burger stand next to the baguette sandwiches had a chicken burger that was infused with coriander and lemon.  It was again, really good and I could eat it again (but would choose the chorizo over it).

Chicken Burger

And for dessert, a brownie!

And baklava!

Borough Market is definitely a stop I will need to make next time I’m back in London.  I can hardly wait for that day!