Who would’ve thought Thai food in London would be so delicious?  Busaba Eathai accomplished such a feat, and did it on a budget too!  Wandering around Covent Garden one night, we found the restaurant, and since it was a soft opening, got 20% off our entire bill!  What a steal!  And even without, the prices were still reasonable and who would’ve thought I’d want to go back multiple times to Thai food?  You’d never hear such a thing about places on the Ave from me!

The pad thai was so delicious, just the right texture and not oily at all.  I could eat it over and over and never get tired of it!

Pad Thai

Debating over the pad thai or crab fried rice, I had to steal a couple (okay, many) bites of a friend’s dish because I couldn’t resist.  It was super succulent with large pieces of real crab.

Crab Fried Rice

And I can never end a night without dessert.  So we headed to Gelupo in Soho.  I can never say no to some gelato, ice cream, or froyo!  And boy was it good.  Didn’t become our regular, but delicious nonetheless!