The South Kensington area of London houses several museums and the famous Harrods department store.

Since I only had a few hours, I spent all my time at the Victoria & Albert Museum, which houses a variety of collections of artifacts and paintings and just everything from medieval times until today.  The museum is massive and I couldn’t finish it, but had a wonderful time just perusing around the museum, learning about Christian art, looking at stone and metal work, and even seeing some of Queen Victoria’s personal belongings.

V&A Museum Courtyard

We then walked over to Harrod’s, on Brompton Road.  The store is over a block long and is just HUGE!


Famous for their high end retail along with their food halls and such, Harrod’s is a tourist attraction in and of itself.  The foodhalls especially had us mesmerized, as four large rooms sold just food, from prepared sandwiches and salads to a room dedicated to chocolate and tea, to bakeries to meat to produce to stalls for dim sum and sushi.

Food Hall

I’m not going to lie, I love the place.  The store is so much fun to walk around and peruse, and to find a quick bite to eat!