This past weekend, I traveled back home to celebrate the sister’s birthday.  As brunch is our favorite meal of all time (okay, mine is probably dessert, but brunch is most definitely a close second), and Portland is the brunch mecca, my family has been sampling various brunch hotspots almost every week (usually without me!).  Simpatica Catering and Dining Hall located in SE Portland serves a prefixed dinner on Friday and Saturday nights and serves brunch on Sundays.  Since the menu changes weekly, you never know what will be featured for brunch the day you go in.  All you know is that it will be delicious beyond measure!

Famous for their chicken and waffles, this week featured a belgian waffle with cherry syrup.  The waffle was crisp and light, and the cherry syrup complemented the waffle.

Fried Chicken and Waffles

The sister, being a lover of anything smoked salmon, got the smoked salmon hash, which featured summer squash and a corn relish.  Claiming it’s the best smoked salmon scramble she’s had to date, I’ll believe her!

Since I love my sweets, I always order pancakes or french toast for brunch.  The special of pancakes with a mixed berry syrup instantly caught my attention and I immediately knew that was the dish for me.  The pancakes were perfectly light and airy, and the chantilly cream was just the cherry on top.  And the side of house-cured bacon was perfection.

Simpatica is definitely a new favorite of ours and I know it’ll probably become a regular soon enough (after we, or they, finish sampling all the other Portland brunches).  It’s always an adventure finding out what’s on the menu when you’re seated, and I can’t wait to try more of their dishes!