Voted one of the best happy hours in Seattle, a few girlfriends and I headed to happy hour at Palomino’s for the start of our somewhat sporadic happy hour adventures.

Although the menu used to be larger, we weren’t complaining since the food was super delicious and I can see why it is one of the best places around.  I ordered the margherita pizza, with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil topping a cracker thin crust.  The candied apple drop was way too strong for my liking, so I generally sipped on my friend’s Palomino Lemonade, which tastes like an even better lemondrop, one of my faves!

After long, good conversations, we were ready for dessert.  And like I always say, I have a separate dessert stomach.  So there’s always always room for dessert no matter how much I devour beforehand.  And we headed to Seattle’s premier cake shop, Simply Desserts in Fremont.  A small, quaint dessert shop, they feature about a dozen different cakes and other small desserts, all of which are decadent and smooth and oh so delicious.  Like plate-licking worthy.  But as they take cash only, we were only able to afford two slices without using our beloved plastic cards.

Lemon blueberry and chocolate raspberry cakes

 This is my second time eating the chocolate raspberry (a testament to how rich and delicious it is) and the lemon and blueberry balance each other nicely.  My favorite cake so far (I’ve only sampled 4… but will try them ALL before I leave Seattle!) is the white chocolate strawberry, but you really can’t go wrong with any of them!

We ended our night with a spontaneous trip to the Fremont Troll, since Sumi had never met him before.  A must for Seattle tourists, the troll is a testament to Seattle’s quirkiness and adventurous spirit.

A fun night with a fun group of girls.  I can’t wait for our next happy hour get together!