I always have had the biggest sweet tooth.  Like always.  And the biggest.  My friends are wondering why I don’t have diabetes already.

And this sweet tooth compels me not to ask friends out to coffee or lunch, but rather for dessert.  Or coffee and dessert.  Lunch and dessert.  Dinner and dessert.  Because really, what’s life without dessert?

This is why Papa Haydn’s in Portland is my new go to dessert place.  Whenever I am in town, I must go to fulfill my sweet tooth cravings.  With a list of over 20 dessert offerings, from cakes to semifreddos, from macarons to baked alaska, from pies to tortes, the possibilities are almost endless.  My new goal in life is to try every single dessert on the menu before I die.  But I would like it to be sooner than that.

Last time I went home, I went on a dessert date with a dear friend.  And of course, it was at Papa Haydn’s.  Such a romantic atmosphere, with candlelit tables and the quaintness of NW 23rd, this is the romantic spot in Portland.

Lemon Chiffon Cake
Six Layer Glace

The next evening, we went back to take home a slice of cake, and thoroughly devoured the champagne cake within a matter of minutes.  I’m a girl who loves her dessert, so never ever get between me and a slice of cake. 🙂