Day 3 in San Francisco.  We continued being tourists in this awesome city, starting the day with brunch at Caffe Greco, where I had the Belgian waffle with seasonal berries.  I love my sweets, especially for brunch, so much that my friends think I’m going to develop diabetes sooner than later.

Then we hit up San Francisco’s biggest landmark, the Golden Gate Bridge!  But sadly, like the typical San Francisco day, it was a little foggy out and so we couldn’t see the bridge fully.

Also in the Presidio area is the Palace of Fine Arts, which remains from the 1915 World Exhibition that was held in San Francisco.  The stunning beauty of the area would be a great setting for wedding pictures, especially if I were to get married in SF!  Haha, who knows until that day comes!

We then went on to explore several different neighborhoods and covered lots of ground!  We went to Japantown, which is centered around the Japan Center, which covers several blocks of indoor shops full of knick knacks, Japanese products, grocery stores, and of course, Japanese snack shops and restaurants.


Unknowingly, when we arrived at Haight-Ashbury, it was the Haight Ashbury Street Fair.  What a coincidence!  This made parking even harder than usual, but it was a great street fair atmosphere, especially when combined with the eclectic attitude of the neighborhood.  Being at the center of the rock-n-roll and hippie lifestyles of the 60s, the Haight in 1967 became a large part in the “Summer of Love.”  This legacy still remains today!

Since my Aussie friend has never seen a sunset (as she lives on the East coast of Australia), we headed over to Ocean Beach in San Francisco.  Although super cold and windy, the colors of the sunset were so romantic and I loved being able to share it with all of them!

Keeping up with all the touristing we’ve done so far?  We still had one more thing to accomplish.  Twin Peaks!  Named for two peaks in the middle of the city, they overlook the city and at night, you can see all of the city lights across the land.  A picture just does not do it justice!

View from Twin Peaks

We ended the night with a Hong Kong memory, going to Hui Lau Shan (they have one in San Francisco)!  Here though, they called it Creations.  However, the furniture and menu were about the same, except that the space was larger and the tables were a lot more spread out!  Also, the desserts were definitely not as good and delicious, but the place definitely brought back good memories and we spent the rest of the night reminiscing about our times in HK!

Hui Lau Shan

A successful tourist day 3 in SF!  I cannot express just how much I love this city and cannot wait for the next time I return!