I know it’s been months since I last updated, and even more since I’ve been back in the Emerald City (I still have NO idea why Seattle is called that…)

Adjusting back to life in Seattle and at UW has been more difficult than I anticipated.  But I’m starting to finally find my groove again, with Starbucks iced americanos and lululemon hoodies all in tow.

I’ve been enjoying the great food additions to the city, most notably Marination Station and my personal favorite, Yogurtland!  Just two blocks away from each other, it is the perfect lunch or dinner combination 🙂

Kalua Pork Slider and Kalbi Beef Taco

I have been continuing to eat well even after coming back from Asia 🙂

And this summer, I’ll be headed to London for five weeks (four for another study abroad) and then spend another week in Paris.  So follow me along my summer eats, fun, and travels!