School, school, school.  I have no excuses for not updating about the FOOD I ate almost THREE months ago in Taipei, but school has been my life for the past two months… 😦

But back to happier times in Taipei, where food was at the center and exercise and eating health was the last thing on my mind!

Day two of eat fest:

The day started out with a trip to the Yong He Soy Milk King, or 永和豆漿大王

Soy Milk King of the World
Soy Milk King of the World

Known for their soy milk and breakfast foods, I knew I just had to try it.  And was I in breakfast heaven!  The soy milk was the perfect sweetness and consistency.  I ordered the sou bing, which is a you tiao, or Chinese donut, wrapped in pancake.  So delicious and I’m salivating just thinking about it now!

Best soy milk ever!
Sou bing

For lunch, we were determined to find authentic, local, street food in the middle of the shopping district XiMenDing.  We eventually found some good food on the outskirts of the area, in the form of an egg pancake soaked in some sweet soy sauce.  Made fresh to order, it was delicious and steamy, albeit a little hot to eat on a warm, winter day.

Pancakes in the making
Pancakes in a bag, lunch on the go!

Next, in the area, we headed to the Snow King of the World.  With 73 familiar and exotic flavors, such as mustard, basil, tomato, curry, tea, pig feet, etc, you can’t go wrong!  I chose to play it safe with the guava ice cream, which was a smart choice on my part!

SO many flavors!
Guava Ice Cream

We were on a quest to find a Taiwanese staple, the oyster omlette.  Oysters?  In an omlette?  Oh trust me, I had my hesitations.  But with my first bite, I was in love.  The orange sweet sauce smothered an egg-oyster mess and it was so delectable.  Even if it’s not pretty, it sure is delicious.

Oyster Omelette

Next, I knew I couldn’t leave Taipei without another boba.  So this time I tried a different brand, called 50 lan.  Since my palette for boba isn’t refined enough, I can only say that Taiwan boba beats any other boba I’ve ever had.

Milk tea with boba

And this night was the nights of Shi Lin Night Market, the largest night market in Taipei.  Food was at the epicenter of this night market and we had a hard time deciding what to eat and what we had to sacrifice and save for “next time.”

We started with beef and rice, which is merely a bowl of rice topped with beef and drenched in some sort of gravy.

Beef and rice

Next, we went for something sweet, in the form of ice.  I had mango ice and Minna had the peanut ice.  Me and mangoes could never go wrong, and neither could this mango ice dessert!

Snow Ice
Mango Ice!!
Peanut Ice

To end our great day of great eats, we headed for the fried chicken line.  Hot Star, or 豪大大雞排, is the most well-known fried chicken in all of Taipei, with a line that never seems to end!

Hot Star

We stood in line for about 15 minutes and wasn’t quite sure what all the fuss was about but wanted to see for ourselves.  And when we took our first bite, we finally knew why everyone was willing to wait in the longest line at the market and forgo all the other great food.  Being two girls who just discovered the best fried chicken ever, we started jumping up and down in the middle of the market; it was just THAT good.

BEST fried chicken!

This was definitely one of my favorite eating days of all time; filled with some of the best of the bests I’ve ever had.

How fitting that I am ending my night tonight watching the Food Network’s “The Best Thing I Ever Ate.”  If they asked me about the best soy milk, fried chicken, and more, I’d be the first to recommend my Taipei finds!