My last weekend in Asia, I headed to Taipei, Taiwan with Minna.  We were more than ready to explore all the sites and most of all, eat all the food that Taipei has to offer.

We first started our tour with the historical sites in the central area.  228 Memorial Peace Park was once where protestors and KMT government officials had a standoff.

228 Memorial Park

All in the same area are the historic sites that Taipei has to offer.  We stopped by to see the Presidential Office Building, but found out it was only open to the public in the mornings.

Presidential Office Building

We then decided to walk around Taipei and found our way over to the famous Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall.  All in the same area are the CKS Memorial, National Theater and National Concert Hall.

Gates to CKS Museum
National Theater
CKS Memorial Hall

As night began to fall, we took a nice long walk all the way over to Taipei’s most famous building, the 101 Tower.  From the top, one can see all over Taipei.

101 Tower
View from the Top

To end the night, we found the Shi Da Night Market.  Full of crowds, shops, and food, this was definitely a market full of locals, mostly young students.  The shopping was ridiculous and the streets were lined with small shops and vendors.

Crowds at Shida Night Market

That concludes Day 1 of our trip in Taipei.

Next up, all the food we ate along the way!