On my last day in Hong Kong, I had a nice lunch with some Public Health classmates, both locals and exchange students.  We had lunch at a pretty good teppenyaki place in Shatin (I forget the name so I guess it wasn’t TOO memorable) at New Town Plaza (the busiest mall in all of Hong Kong and the one I went to the most!).  It was a great way to sum up the four months with some great friends and classmates.

PBH Friends!

After lunch, we wanted dessert.  And what better way to go out of HK with a bang than with the ultimate HK sweet snack, gai dan tsai?  These egg shaped waffles are so delicious and bite-size, I can finish a whole waffle in a matter of minutes!  Over the four months I was there, I had my fair share of gai dan tsai in Mong Kok, but never really made it to the one place that I had to try, Mammy Pancake!

Mammy Pancakes!

Out in Hung Hom, one of the locals who lives by there took us out there to give it a try.  And I must say, these were the best gai dan tsai I’ve ever had.  They have several flavors, but are known for their chocolate.  Instead of just making a chocolate batter like most places, each individual egg part had a chocolate chip melted inside.  How can it get better than a warm waffle with melted chocolate?  Just thinking about it now is making me drool!

With our gai dan tsai!

I cannot wait till the next time I’m back in HK, when I will for sure wait with the crowds for the best gai dan tsai Hong Kong, and probably the world, has to offer.