Happy New Year! 🙂

It is officially the start of 2011.  This past year seemed to have blown by so fast, that I can barely catch my breath.  It has been quite the year, with the lowest of downs and the highest of ups.  So cliche I know, but some of the best and worst events in my life occurred in 2010.

I will never ever forget 2010.  I experienced the greatest loss I’ve ever known and had a few opportunities of my lifetime.  Losing my grandfather was the most devastating two weeks of my life.  Interning at Allrecipes was the best internship anyone could ask for.  And of course, spending four months in Hong Kong was pretty grand too.  Looking back, it’s been quite the year and I think reflecting on the past helps us to learn from our mistakes as well as from the good times.

I don’t really believe in resolutions, even though I almost always tend to make at least one.  By March, who really remembers their resolution from three months ago?  However, I have one simple one that I hope to keep.  I resolve to make at least one person smile per day.  Be it my sister, my parents, friends, acquaintances, complete strangers, I hope to make someone smile everyday.  Because I love having someone put a smile on my face, and I just want to share that same feeling with a little bit of the world.

2011, here’s to wishing another great year ahead of us.

New Years Eve, Hong Kong Style