The weather in HK is so much nicer than the PNW in the dead of winter.  Imagine barbecuing in the middle of December!  Unthinkable, right?

HK BBQ is a little different from our gas and Webber grills.  Here, they light a pit of coals and barbecue everything on sticks, like a bonfire.  You cook your own meat and kind of just sit around the fire and chat the night away.  Well, at least we did!

Fire Pit

Our friends prepared lots of food for us, from hot dogs to steak to chicken wings, from bell peppers to corn to yams, and even s’mores!  So much good food and good company, we were all STUFFED by the end of the night!

Gathering around the food!
Bestie! 🙂

I’m definitely glad I was able to barbecue before I left HK.  All barbecues are fun and delicious, and I can’t wait for summer once again so we can BBQ all the time, American style!