Mongkok is the epitome of Hong Kong living.  The bright flashing lights, the cheap clothes, the crowds, and of course, the street food.  Dundas Street is lined with shop windows selling various kinds of food, from froyo to fries, from noodles to fried chicken.  It seriously makes me wonder how Hong Kongers aren’t fat seeing as there is an endless supply of food!

First stop is Hui Lau Shan, a mango lover’s paradise.  I love their mango pudding in mango juice with extra mangoes and mango sauce, but this day, I tried out a new drink filled with mango juice and coconut milk.  So good!

Super Mango Juice with Coconut Juice, Mangoes, and Sago

Next, we walked around and Minna got some pig intestines.  I’m not brave enough to try the outrageous Hong Kong eats such as intestines and smelly tofu, so I opted instead for the safe bet of chicken skewers.

Pig Intestines
Chicken Skewers

We saw a long line for some buns, and decided we must give it a try!  Not knowing what we were eating, we pointed at a large flat bun that had some sort of meat filling.  It was waaay delicious!

We shared a small cup of garlic fries from Ireland Potatoes, but they weren’t as rewarding as we would’ve hoped.  Eating it, we inhaled a lot of garlic powder while consuming those fries.


We saw some pan-fried dumplings and just had to have some!


We ended the night with some mango shaved ice.  What a night for some great street food and MK loving!

Mango Shaved Ice