Every Wednesday, the horse races are on in Happy Valley.  Since none of us had ever been, my family and I decided to go check it out and see why Hong Kongers are so in love with horse racing and gambling.  On Sunday afternoons and Wednesday nights, you see all of the Hong Kong Jockey Clubs full of people and you even see old men listening to their radios at dim sum!  People on the trains read newspapers about the horse odds and it really is one of Hong Kong’s favorite pasttimes.

Happy Valley Racecourse

The crowds

There were plenty of people all around the race course making bets, drinking beer, and having a good time.

We stayed for three races (there are usually six to seven a night) and I sort of learned how to bet.  Okay, not really, but I did win some and lost some.  I can understand why so many people love horse racing.  Just the adrenaline of being there and cheering on your horse is an experience in itself and one that everyone should have the chance to have!

Run Like the Wind!

We stood up right along the grass and so we were able to watch the horses run past us at lightening speed!

Happy when I won!

Being the not so great gambler I am, after winning some money I decided that I should take my winnings and leave well enough alone.  Yay for winning a little bit of money!  🙂

Next time I’m in Hong Kong, I will definitely be sure to come back for another horse race and make more bets with more money.  I love being out in the crisp, Hong Kong nights; and horseracing is just the way to enjoy them!