I had the privilege of having my family come visit me while I’m over here in HK.  First my momma came for the first few weeks in November, and then my father and sister came during the second half.  Since it was basically my sister’s first time in Hong Kong (she came when se was 3) and my father’s first time since 1991, we saw all the touristy sights and had a binge eating fest.

The first day they were here, we went to TST for dim sum before taking the Star Ferry over to Central.  I was able to show them my favorite part of Hong Kong, SOHO!  The SOHO Street Fair just happened to be going on that weekend, which made walking around the mid-levels even more exciting.

Star Ferry
Soho Street Fair

We then walked through Central to get to the the Peak Tram.  We took the 120 year old tram up to the Peak, which offers some of the best views of Hong Kong.  The ultimate tourist attraction in Hong Kong, this is a must-see!

The Peak Tram Station
View from the Peak

During the day, Hong Kong can be quite smoggy and the view afar is hard to see.  But at night, it is breathtaking and stunning.

View at Night

We went up in the middle of the afternoon to see the view during the day and night, and to kill time in between, we took the trail around the Peak and were able to see all the different sides of the island.  It was an enjoyable, albeit long, walk and definitely was needed to burn off all the calories I would be eating in the coming days.

We then raced back down from the Peak through Central, back to TST to see the Symphony of Lights.  We got there just in time.

View from TST

I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my family and also being able to show them around my favorite city.