For the past two years, I’ve been on a healthy kick (except here in Hong Kong), where I try to eat healthy (except here in Hong Kong) and exercise a lot (except here in Hong Kong).  So when I heard about a nice bike trail that runs along Tolo Harbour from Tai Wai to Tai Wo, I knew I had to rent a bike and try it out one day.  It has been years, probably along the lines of six or seven or eight, since I last rode a real bike (bike machines don’t count) and yet I always heard that after learning how to ride a bike, you will always remember how to.  Amazingly, this was the case, although I was a bit rusty at first.

For $40 HKD (about $5 US), we were able to rent a bike for 2 hours to ride from Tai Wai to Tai Po Market, where someone was waiting for us to drop off our bikes.  It was the perfect weather and we rode for about an hour straight, I think around 20 kilometers.  The ride was really fun and we were able to bike into the sunset!

If time permits, I would love to go bike riding again.

It’s sad to think that my days left in Hong Kong are so limited.  I still have so much to do but in too little time!  I have definitely grown to love this city so much and will always look forward to the day that I return!