Hong Kong is known for its fresh seafood, and what is fresher than right out of the sea, into a boat, and into your hands?  Sai Kung accomplishes all that in one!  Here, fishermen sell their daily catch right from their boats to hungry Hong Kongers who then either take their goods home to cook or to a restaurant right along the waterfront.  This is fresh seafood at its finest!


Boats selling live seafood

And since the fishermen stay on the boat, they transaction happens via a long handled net.  A customer places money into the net, fisherman retrieves the net and returns the net to the customer with seafood freshly slaughtered and placed into a plastic bag.


Transaction in the works

We were unsure of how to buy seafood and not brave enough to bargain with the fishermen, so we decided to instead go into one of the many numerous restaurants and order plenty of seafood dishes.  And we were impressed for the most part!


Lobster Noodles
Mantis Prawn
Sandy Scallops 😦

We definitely feasted it up that night and loved every minute of it!