Every Wednesday in Hong Kong, all the museums are free to the public.  This is a great chance to go explore what Hong Kong museums are like, and to enjoy Chinese art, history, and science.

A few weeks ago, Minna and I had the chance to run around TST to try to visit all four of the museums in the area.  We started with the space museum, where we were able to “moonwalk.”

Space Museum

We then quickly perused the Museum of Art, and I was able to utilize some of the little knowledge I retained from art history and compare ancient Chinese art with Western, Renaissance paintings.

Escalator to Art Museum

We raced over to the other side of TST, where we spent hours playing in the Museum of Science.  Reminiscent of OMSI, we were able to try driving a Hong Kong taxi and bus, visit an exhibition dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci, and also video conference with each other from London to Hong Kong.

Mirror house

Leonardo da Vinci Exhibit

Hi from London!

We just missed the Hong Kong Museum of History by ten minutes, but I hope I’ll have the chance to visit it before I leave!  Being the nerd I am, I love learning about history, especially such an interesting one that Hong Kong has.

Museum of History

We ended the night by wandering around TST, and we found Pie & Tart.  All of the pies and tarts looked amazing, and we decided to try the simplest of all, the milk tart.  And I would go back again and again for the creamy, silky filling inside a buttery, crumbly tart crust.  So good!

Milk Tart