Heading down to Cha-am the following day, we were finally going to ride elephants and go to the beach!  This has got to be one of the best days of my life and I will forever remember the fun pictures, laughs, and amazing adventures we had!

Thinking we didn’t have enough baht to hire a private car to take us to our resort, we decided to do it the local way, with a van!  The van actually turned out to be pretty legit and was a lot cheaper.  What a way to travel!

Having too much fun in the van

Two hours later, we arrived at our destination, Cha-am!  Our resort was super nice and everyone was super helpful.  I wish I were still there.

We rode around the resort in a golf cart

After dropping off our luggage, the first thing we did was…. take two rides of our lives!  First, a truck came to pick us up, and there were no windows, no seats, nothing!  And after we arrived, we got to ride elephants!  For an hour!  Best day ever!


After the most exciting ride of our lives, we headed over to the beach to walk around and just relax a bit.  We ended the day with a beachside dinner, with the best pad thai and MANGO STICKY RICE I’ve ever had in my entire life.

Pad Thai
Mango Sticky Rice

Thailand, I will be back! 🙂