The second day in Thailand we woke up at the ungodly hour of 5:30 am (which I am used to back at home but definitely not here) in order to head over to the Floating Market.  Open only from 7-11 am, the market consists of boats and stalls floating on the water trying to sell tourists all of these different souvenirs as well as fruits and foods.  Being scared of getting any sort of stomach discomfort, we didn’t dare to try the foods, but had fun riding the boats to the market and through it.

Floating houses
We’re on a boat!

And since we’re in Thailand, we just had to have everything that has to do with coconuts!

Fresh coconuts
Coconut Ice Cream

Then we headed over to the heart of Bangkok to check out some touristy sights, like the Democracy Monument.

Democracy Monument

After a long day’s work, we decided to treat ourselves like any other person to an hour long Thai massage.  This isn’t any ordinary massage.  They stretch, pull, push, and basically make your body do crazy things.  Very different from the Western oil massages, but when in Thailand, you must do all things Thai.

Thai Massages

That night we just roamed the streets of Sukhumvit.  Quite the adventure to tell you the truth.  Walking along the streets you’ll hear people yelling at you, “Konichiwa!” “Ni hao ma?” “Wo ai ni!”  And the most epic part of the night, witnessing a street fight between two beggars and a stick.  At the time it was like OMG, but in retrospect, one of the best, funniest occurrences that happened in Thailand!