Thailand, Thailand, Thailand.  It was one of the greatest trips I’ve taken, with all the (mis)adventures and just kind of figuring things out as we go kind of fun.  The first couple of days we spent in Bangkok, which is like any other big Asian city.  I wasn’t too fond of Bangkok, and during those first days, I thought I wouldn’t want to return to Thailand.  But once you step outside the city to the countryside/beach, you fall in love with the country and understand why all this is a favorite vacation spot for so many Hong Kongers.  A short plane ride away and you’re taken to a beach oasis, where food and goods are cheap beyond comparison, and beaches are warm and waters are blue.  Oh Thailand, how I long to be back on your beaches!

Being the tourists that we are, we went to all the big Bangkok attractions.  The Grand Palace was really, well, grand.  The ornate buildings and decorations made it an exceptional place to visit.  Walking around, you are in awe of all the buildings and how well preserved the palace grounds are.

Grand Palace

As the Palace and temples are sacred, you aren’t allowed to wear shorts and tank tops into the buildings or grounds.  However, they have sarongs to borrow in case you (like us) forget (purposely).

Then we took a boat across the canal over to Wat Arun, the Temple of Dawn.  This temple was small yet offered an amazing view from the city, after climbing a STEEP set of stairs.

Wat Arun

We love jumping!

We then went to Wat Pho, which houses the Reclining Buddha.  I’ve never seen a Buddha so long before!

Wat Pho

We headed over to Siam Paragon, one of the nicest malls in Bangkok.  All the famous designers are housed here.  And I had my first pineapple fried rice here as well!  SOOOO GOOD 🙂

Pineapple fried rice

We ended up walking along the streets of Siam at night and had a fabulous time just wandering around the city after a long touristy day!

And the most adventurous part of the day, riding in a tuk tuk!  We fit the four of us into one and the entire ride, we felt like we were going to fall out or tip over!

Tuk Tuk