The ultimate comfort food for Hong Kongers (AR SiteOps, I found out their official name is Hong Kongers!) is the one and only claypot rice.  Made to order, you can order a combination of different meats all cooked inside a clay pot with rice.  On a cold fall or winter day, this spells comfort and warmth.

Chicken and Chinese Sausage Rice

My favorite part of the clay pot is when the rice gets crisp and burnt on the edges.  It makes for the perfect crunch and texture and I always eat around the edges to make sure I get all the “crispies” before anything else.

Barbecue and roasted meats is also a staple of the Cantonese diet.  Every street you walk on will have at least one barbecue restaurant.  And since I was young, char siu, or barbecue pork, has been my favorite.  After much research, I have found Joy Hing in Wan Chai has been voted one of the best.  So I’ve been meaning to hunt it down and try it out.

Joy Hing

Just by judging from the crowd forming both outside and in, I knew this place was legit.  Before we were even seated, we ordered.  I knew to judge whether it was the best, a plate of char siu rice was in order.

Lunch Crowd

I have NEVER had a more succulent, juicy, crispy, delicious plate of char siu in my ENTIRE life (and trust me, I’ve had my fair share of char siu).  The cut was lean yet still amazingly flavorful.  Joy Hing definitely lives up to its name of having THE best char siu in all of Hong Kong, if not the world!

Best Char Siu Ever

Simple, yes, but sometimes the simple things in life bring the most pleasure.