Laziness is setting in.  Midterms in combination with a chest infection makes updating so much harder.  Hm… I still have updates from a week or two ago!  Where to begin?

Two weekends ago, Flo and I went to Soho in Central for good ol’ brunch.  How I miss my Portage Bay Sunday brunches and fact that P-town is basically brunch-town.  The weather is finally starting to cool down and we were able to enjoy a nice, somewhat al fresco American brunch, with all the other ex-pats in the area.  While there, I saw over ten runners!  My jealousy started again as my ankle has yet to heal (it’s been over three months!) and thus I cannot even begin to run again… Oh how I long to be out on the paths of Greenlake in the fall weather!


Ricotta Pancakes

We then headed over to Aberdeen to see all the fishing boats and to get away from the big city for a few hours.



Not entirely impressive, but a good excursion nonetheless.

Later in the week we went to a barbecue place recommended by none other than Anthony Bourdain!  Never have been to the Tai Po Square area, we ventured over there, and discovered loads of food joints and dessert places.  It’s so close and yet we never go!  Hm.. something seems wrong with that picture.  Yat Luk is known for their roast goose, which I’ve never tried before.  It was fatty yet juicy.  The char siu was again fatty, but pretty delectable.  After dinner, we all realized we had never consumed so much fat in one sitting.  Trips to the gym that night and the days following ensued.


Yat Lok Barbecue Restaurant

Roast Goose

Char Siu

Being sick allows me to only eat bread and congee… which has been my diet for the past five days.  Looking at this food makes me hungry once again!

Thailand in two days! 🙂