I’ve been in the midst of studying for my upcoming midterms all weekend (which I should have been doing all week, but was out playing instead… oops!).  I haven’t had much time to go out and explore, well as much as I would like to at least.  Once Thursday comes and passes the 11 am mark, I’ll be free!

The same day as the Kowloon City Park, we went to visit a large temple at Wong Tai Sin.

Wong Tai Sin Temple

Wong Tai Sin Temple

Then we wandered over to TST, again, but there’s always something to do there.  We stopped to look at the Mona Lisa Toast mural at K11.

Toast Mona Lisa

After consulting a food book of Hong Kong, we decided to head over to the Charlie Brown Cafe, one of the few themed restaurants in Hong Kong.

Charlie Brown Cafe

After two months of being in Hong Kong, we finally made a successful attempt at seeing the Symphony Lights from the Avenue of Stars in TST.  I love the HK skyline.  Although the lights show wasn’t all that impressive, just being able to marvel at the beauty that is Hong Kong was well worth it.

Symphony of Lights

I have two months left here!  It’ll be super bittersweet to leave because not only have I fallen in love with this city, but my friends as well!  But I’m also excited to return home.

Oh Hong Kong, how I love thee.