It’s been a pretty busy week!  Okay, not really, but definitely a food and adventure filled one.  As always 🙂

The weekdays always seem to go by so slowly and the weekends too quickly.  Before I can even blink my eyes, it’s Monday morning and I have to drag myself out of bed and to class.  I can’t wait for this week to be over even though it’s just begun!  I just want continual weekends without any weekdays or school!

Earlier this week, we went to TST to Tuttimelon, the only self-serve froyo in all of HK!  You would think they would have more, but I think the froyo craze hasn’t truly hit HK just yet.

froyo addiction fed again and again

Flo and I decided to wander down to Wan Chai one afternoon to walk around and get our hair cut.  We first ate lunch in Admiralty, and I finally was able to have a REAL salad at Dressed Salads in Pacific Place.  I was able to choose 4 toppings and dressing and was in salad heaven.  I can’t wait to go back and make a different combination of vegetable goodness.

Cool restrooms in Pacific Place

The haircut turned out better than what I was thinking of while the stylist was cutting.  I was scared that it would turn out too fobby or too short, but both did not happen!  Happiness ensued and I am really enjoying the new look! 🙂

This past weekend we went to lots of different places to eat, including the TST branch of Din Tai Fung; it has earned a Michelin star rating! 🙂  Not only were the xiao long bao super super juicy, the skin was the right thickness and the pork inside was steamed to perfection.  And I got me some dan dan mein, my favorite!  The wait was really long and kept getting longer as we were standing there starving to death, but the food was well worth the wait.

Dan Dan Mein
Xiao Long Bao

We also went to Mong Kok East and ate some good Thai food at Simply Thai.  Although the portions were small, the presentation was killer and the dessert was amazingly wonderfully delectable.  I can’t wait to plan a trip to Thailand and eat real, authentic pineapple fried rice and Thai desserts!

Soft shell crab spring rolls
Pineapple fried rice
Purple sticky rice, coconut milk, and mangoes

Then that night, we decided to just sit and talk outside on a lovely, breezy evening out by the Tranquility Pond by the New Asia College campus.  It was a beautiful lookout and just a good night altogether.

Then the following day, Minna and I decided to go exploring around Central and Sheung Wan.  We headed over to the Central Mid-level Escalators and made our way up to the top.  We also ate lunch at a small wonton noodle shop, which served very cheap yet extremely filling and delicious wontons.  I can’t wait to go back there to eat some more!

Mid-Level Escalators

We also visited the original Tai Cheong Bakery before heading over to Sheung Wan, and I had one of the best egg tarts ever.  The buttery, biscuity crust and the creamy egg custard created the best combination and sweetest sensation!  We then went to the Western Market in Sheung Wan too see the old colonial style buildings.

Egg tarts
Small replica model of Western Market

Overall, it was a great weekend and I can’t wait for another one to come soon!