This past weekend was a holiday for China’s National Day.  As it was a special weekend, we wanted to do something memorable for it.  We decided last minute to go to Taiwan, but were unable to book tickets.  So we then decided to go to a resort in the suburbs of Hong Kong, if there is such a thing, and also booked too late and all rooms were sold out.  So we resorted to treating ourselves to dim sum and a massage and then planned on going out to see the fireworks over Victoria Harbor.

The day started out bright.  Our dim sum plans got pushed back to a later time as a result of many late wakenings and sheer laziness.  Upon reaching the mall, the restaurant we went to was both disappointing and not to cheap.

Doughy Char Siu Bao

Har Gao

Next, we walked around a small, disappointing mall looking for some really cool bathrooms, which we were unable to find. 😦

The spa part of the day was not fail, and thus pampering ourselves for an hour allowed us to somewhat makeup for the rest of the day.  Hello hour long full body massage and extremely posh spa 🙂We wanted to make it down to TST for the fireworks show, but ended up leaving the spa too late and would’ve just missed the display by the time we got down there.  We did not really manage our time correctly and thus almost ended the night on this last fail note.

However, we did end up going to Hung Hom to watch Tela break dance!

We walked around TST afterwards and more fail evolved.  We all returned home with more mosquito bites and when I went to eat Dan Gai Tsai, it was all cold and not fresh. 😦 Last fail of the night concludes in a taxi driver ripping us off and taking the long way back to school.  Fail days hopefully are behind us!