This weekend, we went island hopping!  We decided to try and conquer all the outlying HK islands, but only made it to two out of the three islands we had originally planned on going to.

Saturday we went to Lantau Island for the Big Buddha, the world’s tallest outdoor sitting Buddha (according to Wikipedia).  We took the Ngong Ping 360 cable car up to the top of the mountain, and even had a car with a glass floor!  It was kinda trippy but kinda awesome at the same time.  But the view was so gorgeous from up high that it didn’t matter.  I think I took about 100 pictures of the same thing just because it was so magnificent!

View from Cable Car

Me and the two Aussies

Glass floor!

Once we were up on Lantau island, we had to go and see the Big Buddha!  So we trekked up the numerous stairs to see him just sitting there so peacefully.

On Sunday, we tried to conquer Lamma Island.  Although we attempted this seemingly not so hard task, the 34 degree weather (for us Americans, that means around 94 degrees) plus the humidity made the task harder than it seemed.  We decided just to walk around after having a quick lunch on the island, and made it to a beach and a wind turbine before heading back to Hong Kong.  We were planning on walking to the other side of the island, but alas, could not make it.

Lamma Island


View from wind turbine pavillion

Along the way to the beach, we found the most talked about tofu pudding in all of Hong Kong!  Although the station was set in somewhat shaddy (and probably somewhat unclean) circumstances, I just had to try it.  And it was well worth it!  The smoothest, most fresh tofu pudding I have had!  Now I know why everyone says you must have it! 🙂

Best Tofu Pudding

Once we were back in Hong Kong I desperately needed some cooling off and refreshment!  What better way than to find myself eating froyo, like always?  This time I got to try YoMama Frozen Yogurt at the IFC Mall.  Much sweeter than I was expecting from the original tart, but it was creamy and hit the spot!

Froyo addiction fed once again

It’l be a while before I head back to the Hong Kong Islands, but it certainly was a great adventure weekend!