Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!  This festival prides itself on the picturesque full moon (which is hard to see here in HK), eating mooncakes, lanterns of every size and shape, and of course, FOOD.  What holiday, and Hong Kong holiday for that matter, isn’t?

We went down to Victoria Park in Causeway Bay to look at all the festival lanterns, which there were plenty of.  I haven’t seen so many colorful and creative lanterns before in my life!

There were tons of people and tons of lanterns to look at, and I didn’t even get a chance to see them all!

Everyone was carrying lanterns, except us.  We wanted to buy cute lanterns, shaped like rabbits, but none were to be found! 😦 Oh well, next time I know to come prepared!

After Victoria Park, we went to karaoke, a favorite past-time of Hong Kongers.  And boy did we stay there until the sun was about to rise the next morning.  It was definitely an experience I won’t forget, losing my voice after five hours straight of singing.  This is what Hong Kong is all about!