I’m sorry I’ve been slightly MIA for the past two weeks!  It’s been super busy and crazy here in Hong Kong.  And hot and humid as EVER.  Well, it’s actually getting slightly better now but it rains like typhoons during the middle of the day.  Somewhat reminds me of Seattle, with the bipolar weather.  But here, it’s not cold rain, it’s warm rain.  Which then makes everyday humid.  You walk outside and BAM, you’re sticky.

Besides the weather, I’ve been pretty well.  I got a bad case of the bed bugs and mosquito bites, so for a while I looked like a mix between having the chicken pox and an abusive boyfriend.  I’ve gone to three doctors since I’ve arrived in Hong Kong.  The bites are finally starting to swell down, but because of them, I’ve been wearing jeans, and boy, is it HOT.  I think I just have really attractive blood and am super sensitive with such a large scale allergic reaction.  I can’t wait to be normal again!

Classes have started… and it’s taken me two weeks to figure out which classes to take.  I am taking a Chinese speaking and listening course, two public health classes, and one about magic and the supernatural.  One of the public health classes bores me to death; the material is interesting but the lectures move so slowly.  Oh well, such is life and school.

Hong Kong is CROWDED with people.  I forgot just how crowded and aggressive Hong Kongers are.  They always seem slightly angry, always in a hurry, and leave no room for personal space.  I know to fare well here I will have to learn to adapt to some of their ways, but I also don’t want to go back home and be like them!  I like having nice people around me, offering the elderly a seat on the bus, pedestrians having the right of way, people actually lining up at the grocery store… But besides that, I find that the go-go-go vibe of the city is both exhilarating and tiring.  As a college student, I don’t think I could keep up with such a fast pace everyday, but maybe later on in life, I would be able to always be on the go.

I swear I am gaining the Hong Kong fifteen.  First this summer with the Allrecipes 15 and now this.  All we do is eat eat eat, shop shop shop, and hope to have time left over to study.  I haven’t bought any actual clothes yet, but even buying necessities and food and whatnot takes time.  I’ve been to the Mongkok district plenty of times over the past two and a half weeks; it is one of Hong Kong’s busiest shopping districts with many small shopping centers that sell clothes and gadgets for prices way lower than what you would see at the large malls.

I’ve met a lot of international students and have made some pretty good friends already.  Two Australian girls and I usually grab lunch and/or dinner together, and we always go shopping together.  This upcoming weekend, a bunch of us are going over to Macau to sightsee and eat Portuguese egg tarts and pork buns!  It’ll be a trip to remember I hope!

I will update more with pictures and sights to see in Hong Kong soon!  So much has happened, I can’t believe I’ve only been here for two and a half weeks!  It has definitely been unforgettable!