I arrived safely in Hong Kong on Monday morning and have been busy ever since!  I’ve met so many people from all over the world!  It’s weird hearing Asians speak with an European or Australian accent since I am not used to hearing it, but I think it must be different for them to hear me speak as well!  I’m still trying to get over the jetlag, since I am lying in bed at 5:30 pm this time but it’s 2:30 am back at home.  I think the combination of jetlag and being busy all the time has made me super tired.

I arrived not knowing what to expect, and not knowing anything about the CUHK campus.  To my great surprise, it is very large and set on a mountain, so there are many many hills.  The campus is covered in trees and is super green, which reminds me of home! 🙂  Since there are so many hills and the campus is so large, there are shuttle buses that take you around the campus so you don’t have to walk as far in the super hot and humid weather.  It is hard to get used to this weather!  Just like it’s hard to get used to the metric system, driving on the other side of the road, and converting HK$ to American dollars.  But I will get used to it in time… I hope!


Last night I had my first real HK adventure!  During the day I went to Tsim Sha Tsui to go shopping since my suitcase was lost and I didn’t get it back until today.  Then at night, I met up with some people I had met for dinner.  When we walked out of the subway station we were all in awe of just the beauty and magnificence that nighttime in Hong Kong beheld.  All the people and lights were astounding!

We went to the Modern Toilet for dinner and had to wait for probably an hour because we had a party of seven.  The food was not anything to write home about, but it was quite an experience just eating there and seeing how themed the restaurant was.


Outside Modern Toilet



Sign Outside the Restaurant



Spare Ribs and Noodles


Then we wandered around the Langham Place Shopping Mall for about an hour, riding escalators that are 4 stories tall!  We got back to the university around 11:30, when we realized that the last shuttle bus up to the dormitories was at 11:25!  So close!  We ended up hailing a taxi driver that agreed to fit all seven of us into his taxi!  That was quite the adventure.  And since none of knew where we were going and the taxi driver did not either, we ended up getting dropped off in the middle of campus!  And then we all proceeded to walk around campus for another half an hour before finally making it back to our rooms!  It was quite a night filled with lots of laughter and definitely a good memory!