This summer, I had the honor of working at as an intern in their Site Operations department.  Not only was it a rewarding experience in that I learned more than I could even imagine, but the people I worked with were SOOO nice and friendly and welcoming that they made it very hard to say goodbye today.  They made this summer super amazing and I looked forward to coming into work everyday.  I will definitely miss them and work and the food (but not the weight I gained)!


The office was so stunning and beautiful.  When you walked off the elevator, you saw our kitchen and reception desk.  Behind the kitchen are tables for people to sit.  They definitely spoiled me this summer with all the food and parties and functions and everything! 🙂



The other interns and I also went to happy hour last week and since I’m bad at updating (since we ate like a week or two ago)… we went to Japonessa.  So good and delicious and fresh and cheap!

Cali Crunch Roll

It was super delicious and fun to hang out with the other interns one last time before we all head our own different directions.  We all shared a lychee sorbet that was waaay too delicious.

I’m going to miss everything in Seattle and Allrecipes!  I will definitely be back to visit and keep in touch with all of them. 🙂