I just returned from a weekend getaway to Phoenix, where temperatures were 110+, a 40 degree jump from cloudy, 70 degree Seattle.  My elementary and middle school best friend just got married!  It was a joyous and exciting occasion, and I am so glad that I was able to witness and partake in the celebration!

While Michaela and Jason were getting married in the Mormon Temple, we were waiting out in the blazing hot sun to be the firsts to congratulate them!  And although we were all sweating in places we didn’t know could sweat, it was awesome to be there and I would do it again anyday!

Walking out of the Temple

Campbell Family!

Then we headed over to the Landmark for a family luncheon buffet.  The food was pretty good and there were THREE different kinds of cake!  Soooo yum!

Friends since we were EIGHT! 🙂

We had a two hour break, so we headed back to the hotel just to rest/cat nap before heading over to the Wright House for pictures and just to hang out and chill before the ceremony.

The Wright House is a quaint little reception center, with a garden/pavilion that housed a gazebo.  Michaela walked down the aisle to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What A Wonderful World” by Israel Kama-something, and was a stunning bride.  The two exchanged rings and shared a kiss as husband and wife!

Afterwards, there was a small reception (with decadent chocolate covered strawberries and mint chocolate fudge!) and a cute candy bar with his & her favorite candies along with other green goodies to go along with their theme.  It was a cute reception decorated simply yet suited the two perfectly.  And might I say, the groom’s funfetti cake and the bride’s sour cream with strawberry cake were both delicious!  I had filled my cake quota for the year within six hours!

Candy Bar

To end the night, the couple had their first dance after Michaela danced with her father.  It was such a sweet, loving sight to behold and I’m so excited and happy for her and their life together!

Congratulations Michaela and Jason!  Much love! ❤