This past weekend was the sister’s birthday so we celebrated in many ways (which in our family always means food)!  For lunch, we went to Pizzicato, which we hadn’t been to in at least five years or so.  It has definitely changed in its style, but the salads and pizza were just as good as we remembered!

We had a family dinner to attend that night as it was also an uncle’s 70th birthday, so a big Chinese feast ensued.  The standard fare of honey walnut shrimp, crispy chicken with super salty salt, barbecue meat platter, yi mein with crab, steak bites, etc etc was devoured in a good two hours.  Dish after dish kept coming and it was good to have my last fill of Chinese food in the states before I have four months of authentic, beyond amazing Chinese food in HK!

The parents and I surprised the sister with a banana cream cake from Beaverton Bakery.  And although I do not have a picture of this melt in your mouth, sweet, banana-y, moist cake, I do have a “does-not-do-it-justice” picture of a slice of cake.  Which, after snapping a quick photo, I quickly devoured before proceeding for a second slice.  All this was AFTER the ginormous feast!

The following morning, we headed out to Skamania Lodge out in the Columbia Gorge.  Luckily we made reservations for our champagne brunch, because a line was starting to form when we arrived.  However, we were promptly seated and before we were even settled, we made our way through the buffet lines of crab legs, smoked salmon, prime rib, potlach salmon, glazed ham, made to order omelets, french toast, waffles, salmon hash, huevos rancheros, a large baked goods table, dessert, and more!  We also sipped mimosas and coffee and enjoyed the awe-inspiring view that the gorge has to offer.  I would highly recommend this brunch, as the spread was amazing and definitely worth the price!

amazing blueberry creme brulee

It was certainly a good weekend to go home!  I was able to appreciate just how gorgeous my home is and to not take it for granted!  The amount I ate on the other hand does not bode well with the “must look good in a bikini and dress at friend’s wedding” plan, and the fact that I am still injured and thus sidelined from running, does not help.  I can walk normally now though, but just at a slower rate.  I hope to be back to normal in just a few more weeks!

17 days till take off!