So today I went out to lunch with a friend, who I might not see until after I come back!  It’s crazy to think that it might be five months until I see her again!  She was kind enough to drive to downtown Seattle to come have lunch with me!  It was finally a nice summer day in Seattle, a rarity these days, so we went down to Pike’s (my favorite) and ate at Michou Fresca.  It was both of our first times there, but I had heard so much about it and how wonderfully delicious and cheap it was!  I got half a sandwich and salad for $6!  Is that a steal or what?  And it was so delicious!  I had the Tuscan Chicken Sandwich, which is roasted chicken, pesto, mayo, artichokes, tomatoes, and greens.  They have all their sandwiches and salads, dozens of each, out in a display case and you order and they panini press your sandwich so it’s nice and warm and grilled!  Too bad there was a super long line so I couldn’t see all their salad choices, but there were so many!  Next time, and there WILL be a next time, I want to try their rosemary potato salad because I have this incredible infatuation with anything rosemary.  (I’m too lazy to grab my camera to upload pictures… maybe in the next post?)

It was great to catch up with Kara and to talk about nothing.  It’s so weird thinking that I’ll be gone for four whole months and that I’ll be leaving Seattle behind.  I know I’m going on for an amazing adventure and will have an amazing time abroad, but I do love me some Seattle and friends.

Also, in other news, I went to the doctor today and good news is I didn’t break anything in my leg (my biggest fear!).  But my doctor isn’t really sure what’s wrong but I’m still limping and the pain is still evident… I hope I get better soon!  I haven’t run in over half a week!  My body is screaming out and acting out against my none exercising situation and wants to be active asap!  My METs are decreasing the more I sit and the more I eat out!  Boo on bad ankles!

TWENTY FOUR DAYS!  I started making a packing list… I have to pack in like two days once I get back… meaning I have to unpack all the mounds of boxes that are sitting at home and pack everything into two luggages!  How are my clothes and necessities (which are probably more like wants, not needs) going to fit in TWO pieces of luggage?!?!  I can’t leave any of my beautiful clothes or shoes behind! 😦  The days seem to be coming closer and going by faster… soon enough I’ll be on that plane!