This past weekend was the annual Torchlight Run that occurs before the Torchlight Parade through downtown Seattle.  The sister and I took part in it last year and decided to run the race again!  For both of us, this was our fastest times and splits, which is super exciting!  However, we are both now injured and can barely walk… I hope I didn’t break my ankle/calf, but it is starting to hurt a lot and I can honestly barely walk on it!  😦  So no more running for me for a long while.

I love it when she comes up to Seattle though!  It makes my life up here definitely less boring and we always find our way to eat delicious food.  First we had delicious Noah’s bagels for breakfast (I haven’t had a bagel and cream cheese in probably a year!), then some UT for lunch.  And after the race, we headed over to my work for a barbecue they were holding for the Torchlight Parade since the parade runs right down Fourth Ave!  Definitely ate some delicious picnic food and peach cobbler.

Then today we went to Columbia City Bakery for some delicious cinnamon babka and bostok!  Nowhere else in Seattle can you find either of these two delectable treats!  We then headed to Alki for some much deserved Bubbles Chai!  I don’t think I’ve had Bubbles in over a year, and it was just as wonderfully delicious as I remembered.  For lunch we headed over to her home away from home, UVillage and ate some delicious Specialtys!  We discovered a new wonderfully delicious yet equally healthy salad, the Vegan, and had our standard turkey sandwich.

The both of us limping around today was probably a hilarious, pitiful sight.  I pray that both of us heal quickly!  What a great weekend and I’m sure going to miss her not only now but when I’m away for four months!  I love her ❤

P.S. 27 days!