so i am officially the worst blogger ever! 😦

my updates are lengthy AND completely sporadic.  and for that i apologize.  and i should be studying (i know, on a saturday night! on the first week of school!) because i’m super behind ALREADY… but i thought about it and well… food and food pictures are always better than books and notes and such.

as always, i went to yocream plenty of times over winter break.  although there is no pictoral evidence, both my wallet and waistline can boast this.  and i’m pretty sure the workers, at least like two of them, recognize me and secretly laugh at me behind my back at how often i’m there.  when i was bored i would just mass text people something like “three pm.  yocream.”  and surprisingly they’d show up. 🙂

but i did try out a new place!  mojocrepes is a japanese style dessert crepe place where they put in ice cream and fruits and nutella all in a crepe and roll it up so it’s easy for you to eat!  it was super delicious and cute, and a place that i’m definitely willing to go back and try!

the jo: strawberries, nutella, vanilla ice cream.

and admist all of the last minute christmas shopping, i went on a quick detour to my favorite, saint cupcake! again, no pictures, but i did get to try their holiday flavor of chocolate with mint buttercream and oh my goodness it was delicious!  i love anything mint!

then later during break i went with the roommate down to 23rd to one of the cutest french bakeries, saint honore.  we had lunch first and then dessert, and both were wonderful.  the quiche lorraine is an is an egg custard in a pastry shell with cheese and bacon.  then we shared a tarte au citron, was not too sweet and just perfect for the lemon lover in me!  i was feeling nice and brought home an almond croissant and mini raspberry croissant for my mother and sister, and they both loved their treats!  definitely worth a trip back after i finish the rest of my food ventures in portland (which will sadly take a while…)

quiche lorraine and salad.

tarte au citron.

dessert case.

since i spent a lot of time with family and we had lots of family visiting from canada and california for the holdiays, we went out to eat a LOT.  always at the same restaurant nonetheless.  ocean city is definitely our new favorite restaurant for extremely good dimsum and dinner… i think i ate there at least eight times over two weeks!  despite the ridiculous waits for dimsum, we always always go there! and i know next time i go home, i will definitely be going there for some dimsum! 🙂

as we were hosting christmas dinner at our home this year, i was in charge of baking all of the cookies.  christmas eve, after dimsum of course, was dedicated to baking baking baking!  this year i made lemon bars, gingerbread cookies, peanut butter blossoms (a classic holiday treat), white chocolate cranberry cookies, and brownies.  it was quite the spread but delicious nonetheless and with loads of leftovers, we definitely kept eating even past the new year!

sampling of cookies. one of MANY plates.

and new years eve… friends decided to have a last minute potluck, so we all went grocery shopping and did lots of cooking and baking late into the night!  we ended up with lots of good food though!  mac and cheese (from scratch!), lasagna, three different kinds of chicken, green bean cassarole, apple pie (my very first!), peppermint bark, chili, coconut shrimp… it was very delicious and a great way to ring in the new year (even though i was passed out once it hit 12:01).  these friends are the greatest.

my first apple pie!

so that was my winter break summed up in food.  it was quite wonderful and relaxing and i miss my home and family and friends as i’m back in the seattle rain and winter and school.  but after my waistline shrinks a little from all of the holiday eating, i will try to make time for more food adventures in seattle!

happy new year!  hope 2010 is simply wonderful!