happy thanksgiving!  i hope you all had a chance to spend quality time with your family and/or friends and to eat till you can’t eat anymore!  i know i did!  i forgot to take pictures of our great feast, but there was a LOT of amazing food and i was so stuffed i was about to explode.  turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, candied yams, cranberry sauce, gravy, stuffing, crescent rolls, salad, potato salad, apple pie, pecan pie, brownies, and vanilla ice cream.  can you say YUM feast?  i think so. 😀

anyways, yesterday was a day to be thankful.  but we shouldn’t just be thankful one day out of the year, we have to be thankful everyday.  but because yesterday was thanksgiving…

i’m thankful for…

  • my family – they have been my rock and foundation my entire life.  i wouldn’t be who i am without them.  i love them with all that i am and will always always love them forever and always.
  • church family – both the aunts and uncles that have always been there to support me as i was growing up, but also the kids that i call my ohana.  they are amazing, and although at times super frustrating, they make my time at home even better and they definitely accept me the way i am. 🙂
  • aaiv core – this quarter has been crazy, but through it all, i’ve been able to rely on them.  i’m so blessed to have them and to share my college experience with them.  although i’m closer to some of them than others, they’ve all showed me their love and i couldn’t ask for a better core team.
  • my girls – a long list could ensue of how thankful i am to have my girls, but i will just say that they have taught me so much, and even though i’ve known some for my whole life and some for only a year or less, they all have impacted my life in various ways.

there is so much more that i’m thankful for, and so many more people that i could thank.  it would take me all day to list everyone, so i want to say thank you to everyone who has been in my life, whether for better or for worse, because you have all made me into who i am.  thank you and happy holidays!