so i’m terribly bad at posting regularly.  i still have plenty more of california to share though!  and even though school is about to start and fall is here, i will continue to celebrate summer and the sun (which is staying here this week!) with more about our trip to cali.

we took a one day adventure down to santa cruz.  this is one of the funnest and cutest cities i have ever been too!  the boardwalk is just full of carnival games and rides, which brings you back to your childhood.

we took a stroll around the boardwalk before riding the sky glider!

the sky glider overlooks the entire boardwalk and the beach, which is super gorgeous. and the ride itself was really fun just cause you got to be above everyone on the boardwalk and it offered an amazing view of the beach and city.

next, the sister and i decided to ride the giant dipper, one of the country’s oldest rollercoasters. if i remember correctly, it was celebrating its 85th anniversary!

waiting in line to ride the giant dipper.

then we traveled a short distance to downtown santa cruz, which is one of the cutest downtowns i have ever seen. there were lots of trees and cute little botiques around that just made this town even better.

since it was a hot day, my sister and i wandered into a small candy shop, marini’s. it reminded us of an old school candy store with soda fountains and whatnot. and they had ice cream that was made right in santa cruz! so we just had to try it.

looks good right?

we then traveled up to uc santa cruz. the school was… different to say the least. it was very spread out and woodsy like. we felt like we were walking around at church retreat or something of the like. but then we walked out to the soccer field and realized why someone would attend ucsc. the amazing view.

where else can you find a view like that?

so that wraps up our day in santa cruz. i will definitely be headed back to this cute little town someday in the near future. i will definitely brave more rides down at the boardwalk, eat funnel cake, and shop around town! until next time…