i know i promised to update about my cali trip… so let’s begin!  i’ll start this post with all the wonderfulness that is san francisco!  it’s like one of the best cities i’ve ever been too!  it’s so eclectic and yet super fun and there’s so much to do.  the city is so different, from the houses to the hills to the SHOPPING to just about everything.  there’s so many neighborhoods and so much history in each of them, i can’t wait to go back to explore more!  i definitely wanna live in the city one of these days, even if it’s just for a few months.  that would be amazing!

anyways, the first day we went into the city, we decided to go to fisherman’s wharf. we started out at pier 39 and worked our way over to ghirardelli square.

so we walked around pier 39 for a while, but it was super touristy and mostly had restaurants. but then we walked along the streets and came across a sourdough bread company’s factory. the boudin bakery makes their own sourdough bread and it’s actually pretty good. and we got sucked into the tourist trap of getting a clam chowder bread bowl. but it was delicious and totally worth it.

then we walked over to ghirardelli square and had to eat a delicious sundae from the ghirardelli store! you will not believe how delicious their hot fudge sundae is. you just have to eat it to believe it. or even just see it.

so good, right?

then we decided to walk over to the crooked street that is lombard and i guess i never realized how beautiful the street, the view, and the houses were there!

view looking up to crooked street.

and afterwards we kept on walking over to coit tower, which has an AMAZING view of the city!

you can’t really tell in this picture, but the city is gorgeous!

and to end the day we headed over to the palace of fine arts in the presidio neighborhood. the architecture is all the remains from the 1915 pacific-panama exposition.

the next day we headed over to union square to do some shopping and just to walk around and whatnot. they have a three story forever 21 there! it was quite overwhelming yet fantastical all at the same time. and the nordstrom is even larger! it definitely has become my favorite shopping area by far. 🙂

hearts around the square.

chinatown is always a must, so we took a brief walk there and around the area. well, the sister and i actually went on an adventure down to the financial district to try to get some froyo (but the place was closed) so we got to explore two neighborhoods at once!

chinatown holds so much history!

and before we ended the night, we went to go see the painted ladies at postcard row. it’s where they shot the opening frame of full house and the houses there are GORGEOUS. like literally stunning. i love it!

so one day on our way back from napa valley, we tried walking on the golden gate bridge. but it was super cold and windy that we just couldn’t! 😦

NOT dressed for the weather!

but the next day, we returned to finish the task we had started. and we were blessed with gorgeous weather! so the father and i walked across the entire bridge and back. the view from the bridge is definitely unbeatable too! so if you ever get the chance, walk across it! it’s an experience you don’t wanna miss!

what a difference a day makes!

view of the city! pictures can’t capture the beauty.

lastly, we went to golden gate park to the observation tower at the de young museum. they have a 360 observational deck of the city and it is amazing as well. we just got to see lots of amazing views of the city! pretty awesome i must admit. 😀

so san francisco is definitely on my list of top cities i want to live in. at least while i’m still young and single. but if that doesn’t get to happen, i’ll definitely be back to visit! so just wait a little longer sf, i’m on my way back very soon! 😀