i returned from the land of sun and amazingness a few days ago.  oh how i long to be back in the bay area!  it was so much fun and the cities (especially sf) are awesome and the food is amazing… for example, frozen yogurt!  when yocream opened, i was in awe of the awesomeness that was of self serve froyo.  but in california, it’s no big deal.  which is awesome cause that means it’s everywhere! 😀  so of course i made it my job to have frozen yogurt everyday… and succeeded!  so before i post about anything else from my trip, i must dedicate this post to all my froyo adventures.  and then i’ll be back with more about norcal and the bay area.

the first day we arrived, the newlywed chois took the sister and i out for some frozo’s in milpitas.  i got original icy tart and mango tango.  the froyo itself was only okay, a little on the icy side.  but the toppings were overwhelming!  they had so many choices!

all of the toppings at frozo’s.

the penguins are cute!

the next day, the sister and i wanted to try this place by our hotel in milpitas called orange tree. it turns out they have one in southcenter and coming soon to the hmart mall in lynnwood and washington square! all are far from the udistrict and the couve, but still, totally going to stop by southcenter on my way up! it was a little icy but they had pistachio and like a ton of other flavors, like 14 or so. it was definitely creamier than frozo’s though and the worker guy that night was super nice and the place was super cute.

all the yogurt machines!

so then on sunday, while we were in san fran, we wandered over to chinatown. and we heard of a place called yoppi by the transamerica building, so we decided to venture the streets and hills of chinatown and the financial district to find it. and then we finally found it to see that it was closed! 😦 boo on sundays and the financial district being dead.

super sad that we trekked all the way there to find it out they weren’t opened on sunday.

but then later that day, we made a quick side trip to cupertino before dinner in mountain view. which meant a stop by none other than…. YOGURTLAND! this is by far my favorite yogurt place ever! they have a whole bunch of flavors, and the yogurt is really creamy and delicious. they have a good number of tart flavors as well as some of the best mochi ever. i really liked the coconut yogurt and raspberry pomegranate tart. both super delicious.

happy that yogurtland was open!

we finished ours very quickly!!

monday, we went into santa cruz and we got some bomb ice cream that was made there in santa cruz. so i thought that we probably wouldn’t have time or room for some froyo. but i was wrong! we dropped my sister off in fremont and stopped by yo swirl on the way. they have dole whip, which is some of the most amazing stuff i have ever had! and they also had a good number of an array of flavors and toppings and seemed just like a really good hang out place with games and tvs and whatnot. kinda reminded me of wow for froyo.

inside yoswirl.

tuesday, we went back to cupertino and i was at a loss whether or not to stick to yogurtland or try a new place called tartini. the new place won out and so we went there instead. it was cute and really bright and whatnot, but they only had about eight flavors and they weren’t that exciting. i stuck with original and pomegranate and both were pretty icy. i learned my lesson to stick with what’s good.

outside tartini.

the logo was super cute!

and because i love yogurtland so much, we went back to cupertino again the following day just so i could get some more. i definitely cannot get over just how much i love it and how amazing their yogurt is.

four flavors piled high! 😀

thursday, we went back into the city and i was determined to try yoppi because i couldn’t last time. when i got in, i realized they only had four flavors and were definitely the most expensive, at 45 cents an ounce! but i had to get some anyways to have it. the original tart was definitely a lot more tart than i was expecting, but after i got over the shock, it was actually pretty good. same with the pomegranate tart. they also had vanilla and chocolate, but i just stuck with the two tarts.

and my last day in norcal, i was in milpitas and so i went back to orange tree. it wasn’t as good as the first time because it was kinda melty, but i think it was because their door was open and it was over 100 degrees outside. so that was kinda no good. 😦 but the yogurt was still delicious!

then after eating dinner in fremont, what better way to end my froyo adventures than a stop by yo swirl to get some dole whip! seriously, everyone must try dole whip. it is some amazing stuff. 🙂

so to rank the six places that i went to…

1. yogurtland – creamiest yogurt, tons of flavors toppings, and just super delicious!
2. tie between…
orange tree – the first time was really good but the second was melty. but i like the large number of flavors and super nice workers.
yoswirl – DOLE WHIP. enough said.
3. yoppi – tart was super tart which wasn’t expected, but it was refreshing. however, with only four flavors and 45 cents per ounce, it wasn’t a favorite.
4. tartini – too icy for my taste.
5. frozo’s – not a cute place, too icy, but tons of toppings. however, my least favorite.

i can’t wait to go back to california for more froyo adventures! i for sure have to try pinkberry and blush even though both aren’t self serve. but now that i’m back in ptown, i’ll stick with my yocream goodness and dream about my days in the bay area eating my yogurtland.

until next time… 😀