last weekend, my family made a trip up to canada for my sister’s birthday.  now, being chinese, we spend most of our time in richmond eating and eating and more eating.  that’s what trips to canada always consist of.  but i realized that my stomach can no longer handle so much eating and that was definitely the last time i’m going to eat so much food all in one weekend!  but all that food was definitely worth it!

whenever we arrive, we always go to aberdeen center.  they have like little asian shops there, and a huge daiso as well.  but alas, we do not go for the shopping.  we go for MONDO GELATO!  seriously some of THE best gelato i have ever had.  and we always get the same thing, after eight and nutella!

then later that night we headed to the night market where there was CRAZY madness of people!

night market madness.

so we walked around a little but knew what we wanted to eat… korean fish waffles! so we first got one filled with chocolate and nutella and went back for a second one filled with custard. these are definitely some of my new loves. ❤

the next day we went to dim sum and ate some of the best barbecue pork buns ever. and then we headed to downtown vancouver and robson. and we saw this!

olympic countdown!

and of course, when you’re on robson, japadog is a must for my sister. and i gotta admit, it’s pretty good.

but definitely not as good as cafe crepe’s chicken mozzarella tomato panini! i think i could die happy eating this.

it’s so good it deserves TWO pictures.

the next morning we headed over to yaohan to get some little bean. watermelon slush is by far something amazing, and the mango slush was delicious as well!

and of course we did a little sightseeing too. we went up to stanley park and saw amazing views of vancouver! i would love to live in that city one day if i could afford it. i seriously believe that it is one of the most hip-happening cities in the world!

view of north vancouver.

and while we were at stanley park we saw the cutest racoon!

and finally on our last day, we went to the richmond olympic oval where speed skating will be during the olympics next year. it is sooooo awesome. like it’s massive and gorgeous and amazing and i can’t even describe how cool it was to be there and like touch the ice where an olympic gold medalist will be (and apollo anton ohno!)

outside the rink.

this picture does not do justice.

we definitely ate more than just posted but i didn’t want to overwhelm you.  canada has always been a favorite place to travel for our family, and i know that when i get older, i will definitely keep coming back! 😀