this weekend, i ran my very first race!  torchlight, part of seattle’s seafair festival, has both a 5k and 8k run.  i obviously only did the 5k, but it was my very first run and a lot of fun!  while running, it wasn’t always fun cause it was super hot and muggy and i got a really bad side cramp in the middle, but i completed my fastest run yet!  all the adrenaline and everything just got me all pumped and now i want to do more and more runs!

before the race.

running at 6:45 pm in 85 degree weather when it’s muggy isn’t the greatest, or when there are hills that you weren’t expecting, but all in all, i would do it over and over again! 🙂

afterwards all gross and sweaty.

then after we cleaned up, we ate a late dinner at tutta bella’s! i swear, this is slowly (or not so slowly) becoming my favorite restaurant. or one of them at least. their pizza and salads and newly discovered flat bread are by far stomach pleasers.

ciro pizza.

house salad on flatbread.

and even though we were SUPER full, we had to head over to molly moon’s to buy a pint of raspberry mint sorbet and mojito sorbet. i swear, i think i would die without molly moon’s. and if it weren’t so fattening, it’d probably be my frozen treat obsession in seattle. okay, so it already is. i love love love going.

this morning, we went to brunch at portage bay. i got the special strawberry and peach french toast, which was delicious. however, i still wish i got just regular french toast with the trip to the toppings bar. but you live and you learn. it was still wonderfully amazing. and the chicken sausage scramble and potatoes are love, as always. 😀

then tonight i went on a date with my love! we went to tutta bella’s again (i seriously love the place) and ate more delicious food. but by far, they have THE best tiramisu i have ever had. i can freaking devour the thing in seconds. makes me fall in love with tutta bella even more. ❤

my love with our tiramisu.