this past weekend, seattle held their annual bite of seattle.  and boy was i glad i went!  we first walked in and there was a BUNCH of food vendors.  and we didn’t know what we wanted!  there was everything from fried mac and cheese to shiskaberries to strawberry short cake to curly fries to barbecue to crepes to thai to indian to basically everything imaginable.  but then you walk in further and there’s even more food!  and then even more!  like it was never ending!  it was all overwhelming but oh so delicious!  they also had three seperate stages where different bands performed, a skateboarding demonstration, cool jewelry and stuff, and best of all, a simulation taking you through your own arteries!  aaron and i definitely were super excited when we saw this and we knew we HAD to go on it!  i’m definitely coming back to the bite EVERY year from now on! 😀

loads and loads of people at the bite!

then we headed over to bon odori, a japanese festival full of dancing, food, drums, and just lots of fun cultural stuff. we definitely ate here too. kori is shaved ice and i also had a fried rice ball thing. delish for sure. and i was fun to just hang out with everyone, see people dancing, and whatnot.

bon odori.

definitely a wonderful weekend in seattle! these things and more are why i love love love this city! 🙂