earlier this week the sister came up so we went on a quick trip to alki before she headed home. and of course when you go to alki you have to go to bubbles. and when you go to bubbles you most definitely have to get some chai. 🙂 oh bubbles’ chai, how i have missed you. crucial error in getting the iced chai though even though it was nice outside. the chai flavor just wasn’t as strong and the ice made it a little bit watery. but still delicious as ever. and the view from alki too. amazinggg. i wish west seattle weren’t so hard to get to by bus!

view from alki with our bubbles!

then yesterday i really wanted local strawberries so that definitely called for a trip down to pikes!

and along the way i just had to stop by the confectional (best cheesecakes EVER).  i was super tempted to get one but went against my better judgement and took a picture and left before the temptation overruled.  but seriously, if you’re ever at pikes, you HAVE to try one.

then i stopped by bottega italiana for some gelato.  super sad that they’re other freezer broke so they only had like four flavors, but they had coffee, which happens to be one of my favorites.  so no harm done.  and it was delicioussss.  i am such a sucker for anything ice cream/gelato/sorbet/frozen yogurt related.

coffee gelato at its best.

then i took a stroll through the market and saw the super long line for the best donuts in the world.  again, temptation was calling out my name but i decided that i should try something new at pikes since i always end up with a bag of these donuts.  so i left promptly so i would not give into any more temptation.

and that’s when i remembered why i love pikes so much.  the atmosphere, the amazing markets (and yes i did get my local strawberries), the crafts, the super cheap gorgeous flower bouquets, the deliciousness all around… there’s nothing better than going down to pikes and the waterfront on a nice sunny day.

i love love love the fresh and local produce!

and seriously, so many flowers!  it made my day.

and on my walk back to the bus stop, i smelt something so wonderful and delicious that i knew i had to get whatever it was.  and it turned out to be piroshky piroshky!  the smell drew me in but the flaky, buttery, warm, delicious piroshky (i got ham, cheese, and spinach) will bring me back for more!  and i hear the smoked salmon one is to die for.  so it just means another trip to pikes soon!