i decided to try blogging to past the time this summer.  but picture blog is going to be even more fun! 🙂

to start off… wedding fun!  kat and mark got married after like five years together so that definitely called for a huge celebration.  and looking fabulous of course!  so camera whoring was definitely a must.


jchan, ro, and our boys.

next was an eat fest in portland.  yo cream is definitely my new love.  self serve frozen yogurt with a variety of flavors (that are always changing) and toppings that is super cheap?  it can’t get much better than that.  i believe that if i lived in portland my entire bank account would be transferred to yo cream.

yo cream deliciousness.

next stop was nw 23rd and the like.  the sister and i had to hit up some saint cupcake and found mio gelato as well.  best cupcakes ever and best gelato found in portland.  i love nw portland.  definitely housing the cutest boutiques and deliciousness in ptown.

lemon berry and chocolate chocolate.

limone and passionfruit pineapple sorbet.

and then another night i had a wonderful date with one of the greatest loves of my life, jchan!  we hit up some of portland’s best eateries.  montage’s famous macaroni and leftover creations.  their tomato basil pesto macaroni is to die for.  and make sure to leave some leftovers to get a fun take home foil creation.  then we went to voodoo donuts and ate them down by the waterfront.  one of our best adventures yet with loads of stories to tell about getting lost, driving in circles, scary encounters, and the like.

cheddar and chicken macaroni.

leftovers in a cat and palm tree!

in front of voodoo.

and our church’s vbs started this week.  i’m super sad i can’t be there to help out… but i did help with decorating the sanctuary.  may did an amazing job putting it all together.  it took us two days and lots of teamwork, but we did it and it has got to be one of the best decorated vbs’s we’ve had!  and we had fun doing it too! 🙂

the decorating crew.

so that’s been my summer up until now.  i’m back in the udistrict for the summer though.  i’m bound to have adventures, with bonfires at golden gardens, trips to pike’s, study nights with sarah, trips to gasworks, good food (molly mooons, trophys, portage bay)… it’ll defiintely be a summer to document!